Sunday, April 30, 2017

Cousin Tipsy and Unca Shadow

Hello Bozo and all Mum''s blog readers; this is Ambrose with a post for the week. Mum and our yoomen Dad went to a F A A R R place this week. 

What's that, Unca Shadow?

Oh, is it where WE come from?

I thought we'd always lived in this kitty paradise! 

Anyway, Mum came back with photos of Cousin Tipsy. Ooh , I remember him. He and Unca Shadow used to fight tooth and nail IF they got together. But Mum would always make sure they didn't ever meet up. I also used to growl if I saw Cousin Tips in the garden even though I watched him through the bedroom window in Mum's room.

Cousin Tipsy is actually Aunty Rina's kitty and sleeps on her car roof in the garage. Aunty Rina tells Mum that with the door from the kitchen opening into the garage, Cousin Tips lies on the car roof and watches his Mama while she cooks and bakes in the kitchen.


As long as he stays F A A R away from this place...

Cousin Tipsy in his donut on top of his Mum's car roof! 

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Saturday, April 29, 2017

A very special critter

Today I'm posting about a very special critter. First I have to tell you how we heard about and "met" this dear little old critter. We got to know one of the valley's most talented artists, Steve Bull. Please do pop over to the site and read about his artwork and also the beautiful and most unusual accommodation he built on his property in the Berg. 

Steve is a character and a real people's person. When you visit his art shop in the small shopping center, you are regaled with stories about the valley and happenings all down the years. One of Steve's famous paintings of meerkats, shows a Jack Russel standing up exactly like the meerkats. 
Muthi. Steve and Estelle's 21 year-old Jack Russell posing exactly like the meerkats in the above painting

Grant and I asked about the little dog and it turns out that this fur baby of Steve and wife, Estelle's. is most famous. You have to pop over and read about Muthi (here

On Thursday we visited Steve and Estelle at their home just nestled under Cathkin Peak. Steve took me and Grant (and a visitor who'd just booked into their accommodation) on a quick tour of the caves. 

 Steve explaining how he did the artwork on the bathroom walls

Another cave lower down on Steve's property. They were expecting the Ambassador of Cuba that afternoon

Although we'v "met" Muthi in Steve's shop, this week it was wonderful to see him in his own environment. We were visiting at midday and Muthi, like any self-respecting ageing gentleman of 147 years, was just getting up out of bed! 
Returning from viewing the caves, we saw Muthi tottering onto the lawn
As I bent down to pet him, he rolled over for me 

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Friday, April 28, 2017

Sunrise over the valley

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