Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Bearded Vulture

On Sunday Grant called me to bring my camera and focus on birds in the sky above us. There were six  Bearded Vultures which had caught a thermal and were soaring above effortlessly. It wasn't easy getting photos; out of 134 images, I've managed to pin down four which are reasonably clear. 

Bearded Vulture 

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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Polar Bear Challenge

Every year in the middle of winter, an event is held in the Champagne Valley: The Polar Bear Challenge. Anyone can enter to swim either 25 meters or 100 meters across the Dragon Peaks Dam at the resort by the same name. The water is normally icy cold. This year it was the coldest ever: 7 °C/44.6 °F ! 

Last month, Grant put his name down to swim the 25 meters. Although he's a strong swimmer, he'd heard about the stringent conditions of the water and thought he'd rather do the shorter swim than have to opt out of the long race because of cramps or other cold-related problems. 

Ironically, last week we were at our motorcycle AGM in Bloemfontein and the name of the weekend was Ysbeertjie which translates into English as Polar Bear. 

Champagne Valley Polar Bear Challenge is held in aid of animal welfare and the proceeds of the entry fees, donations and lots of pet food goes to the local township animals and an animal shelter in a neighboring town. 
Grant's shirt had "Ysbeertjie" / Polar Bear on the back 
The setting of this dam at the resort is particularly idyllic
 There is a great festive air at this event
 People brought their dogs, small...
... and large  

One young lady even brought a kitten
 Volunteers registered the participants
 One jolly young crowd wore glittering party hats - even while they swam! 
 I  loved the colorful reflection in the water
 The resort restaurant did a roaring trade in meals, drinks and snacks 

 Grant looking wild and woolly as he moves across to the opposite side of the dam
 These swimmers wait for the start of the 100m swim

 Two boats were in the water to assist or load any swimmer in trouble 
 The first swimmer in is Papa Bear who swims the 100m after which swimmers are set off one-by-one to do the challenge 
 This lady did the 100m and then swam up to the bank below the 25m participants
 A swimmer experiencing cramps was loaded onto the boat and taken to the end
Craig (my hiking friend) and Grant wait their turn 
When we arrived at the spot where the 25 m swimmers set off from, the other two adults said they were pleased to see they weren't the only grown-ups taking part in the kiddies challenge! 
 Note the warm dress of the spectators! 
 Craig was first off the mark with Grant hot (er, cold!) on his heels

Two grey-headed and brave men reach the end! 

Back on the other side of the dam, Grant dried and got dressed and rejoined me, Steve, Estelle and Muthi on the restaurant veranda.
Steve, Estelle and Muthi - this canine was the oldest spectator at Saturday's event! 

When questioned about his experience in the water afterwards, Grant said he has never been in such cold water. He says that he intended to swim free-style which is his strong point; however when he came up after diving into the water, he was so cold he couldn't lift his arms out of the water. So he swam breast stroke all the way. He says he'll do it again next year; the 100m meter challenge! 


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